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Social Transformation Using the Three-Fold Path Workshop
January 19, 2013

Occupy Be the Change Caucus

Our primary mission is to help transform ourselves and our society into truly nonviolent and compassionate individuals within a community dedicated to the common good of all humanity. We actively support and participate in the Occupy Movement.

Occupy Be the Change Pledge
As a participant in the Occupy movement, I hereby commit my whole self to nonviolence.
Therefore to the best of my ability:
I am firmly committed to nonviolence as a way of life, not merely as a tactic.
I meet violence with compassion for others and myself.
I walk, talk and act in love and nonviolence.
I refrain from verbal and physical violence.
I do not accept “a diversity of tactics” when those tactics are violent or damage property.
I am open, respectful, and kind with everyone I encounter.
I invite the 1% to join us and will not insult them.
I seek justice and reconciliation so that we are all winners.
I avoid both selfishness and power trips.
I strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health as we work to build a just and democratic society.

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This site, which uses pmwiki collaborative software, is intended as a place for Pledge signatories to share ideas and information that can help us achieve our mission. Pledge signatories can request the password that is needed to edit or add content The general public is also invited to review the site and share feedback and input.

One can comment on a page simply by clicking on the “click here” comment link at the bottom of each page. Comments will be manually added to the page later. Or if you have the password, you can click on the Edit link at the top and add the comment directly. Click on How to Edit in the sidebar for editing tips.

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